Work Your Element™
Facilitator training course

offered by Fashion Feng Shui International
Tuesdays, September 5 - October 24

Today’s global corporate market has never been so diverse, and this doesn’t come without its challenges. The needs of different generations, cultures, religions and organizational values can create conflict, producing an unhappy workforce and a decline in productivity. Feng Shui, the age-old Chinese art of placement, is all about creating harmony in every environment – including the workplace. Though its principles have been applied to office buildings and workspaces, its amazingly valuable teachings have never before been used on the human side of the corporate environment. This is why Fashion Feng Shui International has created Work Your Element™.

Work Your Element™ applies the principles of Fashion Feng Shui® to the corporate world for trainers who would like to add this transformational practice to their training toolbox. Using Fashion Feng Shui®’s innovative five-element theory, Work Your Element™ is ideal for an individual’s promotion, team building, diversity training and communication/conflict resolution training, as it teaches you the language you need to get to the heart of the changing corporate landscape.


During the course of our online seminar, you will learn how to impart the teachings of Fashion Feng Shui® in a business context. Upon completion, you will be qualified and licensed to provide this training for managers, teams and other stakeholders. Here are some of the topics that our top-notch training can address:

The Power of Perception

  • How judgments create beliefs
  • Pitfalls of assumption
  • Why people see things differently
  • The Paradigm Shift

Archetypal Communication

  • Identifying archetype
  • Enhancing communication
  • Adapting behavior for enhanced motivation
  • Reducing risk through improved relationships

Dressing to Communicate Essence and Intention

  • Going Beyond the first impression
  • Essential and intentional collisions

Using Dress to Find and Create Your Best Version of Yourself

  • Locating essence through experience of clothing
  • The Elemental Trinity: color, shape and substance

Using Dress to Inspire, Motivate and Gain Trust

  • Purposefully supporting intention
  • Utilizing elemental “authority” alternatives
  • The importance and relevance of clothing cues

Team Building

  • Defining individual gifts of a team
  • Grasping differences and their value in the workplace
  • Identifying areas of conflict
  • Rewarding and recognizing achievements
  • Establishing feedback guidelines

Onboarding and Consulting to the Organization

  • Establishing rapport
  • Gaining clarity around assignment and expectations
  • Questions to ask and documents to request
  • Working within the organizational mission and vision
  • Building trust
  • Reporting and feedback

Our Team of Trainers

The Work Your Element™ seminar will be facilitated by Sue Donnelly, Kerry Cordero and Carol Parker Walsh. All three are experts in Fashion Feng Shui®, leading figures in the image industry and have extensive experience in the corporate sector.

Sue Donnelly


Sue is a former President and Life Member of the UK image industry’s governing body, Federation of Image Professionals International, and a founding member of Association of Stylists and Image Professionals. She is the 2015 international Jane Segerstrom award winner for Excellence and a Certified Image Professional of AICI (Association of Image Professionals Internation and the only Master Fashion Feng Shui® practitioner in the UK. A certified coach, facilitator, speaker, speaker, magazine columnist and expert style presenter on TV, Sue has delivered webinars, teleclasses, conferences and Education Days to image professionals around the globe—she is also the lead trainer for all Fashion Feng Shui® online courses. She believes that being authentically curious and allowing yourself to evolve are the keys to success—and that includes how you choose to adorn yourself.

Kerry Cordero

Kerry Cordero, FFSF, AICI CIC

Kerry spent 15 years in corporate sales before launching her image consulting business, The First Look. Kerry trained in image consulting at The Fashion Institute of Technology, with the Association of Image Consultants International and is a certified Facilitator in Fashion Feng Shui®. She is also certified in color analysis and is a past President of the New York Tri-State Chapter of AICI, and she works backstage at New York Fashion Week. Kerry is passionate about creating outfits that flatter her clients, give them confidence every day and help them achieve their goals. Kerry has helped many businesspeople of both genders change their clothes and, ultimately, their careers.

Carol Parker Walsh

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, FFSM, JD, Ph.D.

Carol is an award-winning and sought-after author, speaker, trainer and certified image professional specializing in developing strategies for individuals to hold a positive personal and professional self-image. She holds a JD in employment law and PhD in human development and social systems, and combines her expertise in appearance, communication, behavior, identity development, body structure and color, along with 25+ years as an executive, lawyer and academic, to support her clients in creating a personalized style that embraces their essence and life goals. She is a regular contributor to the Vancouver Business Journal, writing the monthly column “Dress Code,” has dispensed style advice on Seattle’s morning talk show (KING5 New Day Northwest), and has appeared on various radio programs, blogs, in magazines, and other print. Carol is the founder and owner of Evolve Image Consulting, where she focuses on assisting individuals transform their lives through their wardrobe.

Tuition and Schedule

Tuition for Work Your Element™ is $2,399. Registration closes on August 15.

The seminar will take place online on Tuesdays, September 5 - October 24, 2017, from 12:30pm to 2:00pm US Eastern time. The Work Your Element™ facilitator certification training course is approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) for 2.7 continuing education units (CEUs).

Registration in the seminar includes the following:

  • Work Your Element™ Training Manual
  • Complete set of training materials (Work Your Element™ workbook, slide deck, card set)
  • Expert guidance during the seminar and while completing final assignments
  • Upon successful completion of the seminar and assignments, one year of licensure as a Work Your Element™ Facilitator (WYEF), renewable annually thereafter, with permission to use training materials when training others in Work Your Element™

Register Now

Registration is now open. The maximum enrollment is 12 participants, so please don’t delay!