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Work Your Element™ is designed to help participants become more effective in the workplace.

Workplace Disharmony

Workplaces are all too often hotbeds of disharmony. Even when employees love what they do, they’re bound for unhappiness when they can’t get work effectively with their colleagues, managers and associates. This is especially relevant when they feel they are being bullied or undermined by their superiors, or when they are out of sync with those around them.

Decreased Profitability

Meanwhile, employers pay the price as well. Companies spend large sums of money each year trying to replace employees who didn’t work out. Profitability and productivity decrease when people are unhappy. They don’t produce their best work and are less likely to put in the time and effort that their managers expect.


The problem is primarily a question of understanding. All of us see the world through our own lens, which may not be in accord with the viewpoint of those around us. If we lack insight into what makes our colleagues and others tick, problems and misunderstandings are inevitable.

Enhancing Relationships

The ancient practice of Feng Shui has enabled flow, happiness, prosperity, peace and harmony in home and work environments for 5,000 years. Based on the five primordial elements that are present in everything, it is used in home and harmonious and prosperous workplace. These very same principles are applicable to companies, and they can allow for similar positive results in the corporate sphere. Understanding and utilizing the positive energy of the elements can enhance relationships, create productive flow, increase retention of good people, enable them to excel as individuals and teams, and utilize their skill base in a work environments to stimulate the flow of chi.


Work Your Element™ facilitators are trained to:

  1. Reveal how perception can distort the truth. Reality can mean many things to many people.
  2. Discover the elemental characteristics of various players according to their values, strengths and preferences.
  3. Recognize the clusters of clues that identify each elemental type.
  4. Demonstrate how to use practical exercises to create brilliant rapport with each elemental type.
  5. Create a vision of a powerful intention for all players.
  6. Design a wardrobe of clothing that fortifies, fulfills, functions and flatters all involved.

Our licensed facilitators are available to provide you or your organization with tailor-made training. Please contact us to be connected with a facilitator today.


Our next training seminar for facilitators will take place online in early 2018. Completion of the course includes training materials and a one-year license as a certified Work Your Element™ Facilitator.

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